5 Essential Rules to Window Replacement

1. Never give any money to a home improvement contractor prior to them starting or finishing the job. Many companies will require some form of down payment which can be very risky. You've heard stories of contractors walking off with a homeowners money never to return. It happens. Don't let it happen to you. This is why we don't ask or require you to pay one penny prior to us installing your windows and doors. What a great feeling for you as the homeowner. You're in the drivers seat.

2. Deal with the owner and skip the middle man. Sales reps are okay, but they don't have a vested interest in the company like the owner does. With EZ Window Solutions, you get to talk with the owner of the company throughout the entire process from start to finish. The owner will oversee every detail of your project because they want to ensure that you're happy which requires attention to every detail of your project. We want to exceed your expectations in every way possible.

3. Read customer reviews. It's easy for a contractor to speak highly of themselves. The real truth comes from what actual customers have to say about their experience with the company. We strive to get 5 star reviews from all of our customers. Check our reviews on places like Houzz, Angies List, Google+, and Yelp.

4. Please beware of cheap prices meant to get you interested, only to be jacked up once you're ready to buy. You need to ensure your new windows are going to actually perform well and look great. Cheap windows are cheap for a reason. They don't work. We may not always be the cheapest but you can rest easy knowing that we often provide the best value for your money.

5. We want you to have an easy and pleasant experience when shopping for your new windows. We promise to never apply sales pressure or try to trick you with low introductory prices only to switch the price after the fact. We will never steer you to buy a product that you don't need or want. There is absolutely no "salesy" jargon with us. We're always available to answer your questions and give you the best information before you pull the trigger on new windows or doors. Even if you decide to go with another window company, we hope to provide a positive experience still.

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