Our Zero Hassle Quotes are Real. Here’s What it Means for You.

Our Zero Hassle Quotes are Real. Here's What it Means for You.

We have perfected the Zero Hassle quote

Way too many window companies suck up your time and increase your stress level by telling you what they think you should buy instead of letting you tell them what you want. Their end game is to make the most amount of money which requires them to get you to the highest price point possible. Sounds like fun, right?

Our business model doesn't eat up your valuable time with lengthy sales pitches designed to nickle and dime you. Instead, we just collect some basic information from you and we're ready to prepare your easy quote. It really is that easy.

If you decide to contact us, here's what will happen.

We'll toss a few simple questions your way. We'll ask about your home and your reasoning for wanting new windows. We'll then craft a quote with a fair price based on what you shared with us.

Here are a few common questions about our process

How accurate is your quote, being that you don't come to my home?

Many times we can get information we need about your home through the internet. Things such as photos of your home, property records, etc. Our well thought out questions will guide you in giving us just what we need to give you an accurate price. It really is quite simple, despite how most other window companies operate.

If you choose to work with EZ Window Solutions, we'll send our installer to your home to finalize measurement for our factory as your windows will be custom built to fit your exact openings.

What if you make a mistake and quote me a price that's too low?

Well, that's our problem, not yours. We'll never ask you to pay the difference if we make a mistake. Our price really is 100% guaranteed. No games.

I'm having a hard time understanding how you can give me a price without seeing my current windows in my home. It seems like something is missing from the normal process I'm accustomed to. 

We understand that time is money and wasting time on massaging price points is counter productive. There is no need to come to your home. We trimmed out the fluff and streamlined the process that works for everyone involved. We can do an accurate calculation based on the info you provide to us such as number of windows, style, color, etc. etc. Super easy!

If you're interested in getting a quote today please give Dan a call or send us your information via the form on the upper right side of this page. We'll get back to you right away.

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