Frequently Asked Questions about our Patio Doors

Q: Are your doors really energy efficient?

A: Many contractors will talk-up how great their product is for the purpose of selling you. Here at EZ Window Solutions we manufacture patio doors with 4 times the glass than your homes vinyl windows because the area surface is much larger.

We will NEVER try to cut corners to increase our profit margins. Our doors are manufactured to meet the Energy Star requirements and always come equipped with a Low E glass system and foam filled frames for the maximum amount of insulation. Our double strength glass coupled with LowE finish and Argon increases your homes energy efficiency.

Q: Do you offer a price match on competitors so I can get a lower price?

A: We don't match competitors pricing because our doors are already priced at the best value for you. You can shop around and probably find cheaper doors but you'll most likely be sacrificing energy efficiency and we can't guarantee you'll get a master installer like you will with us.

It's easy for contractors to sell sub par products in order to make more money. If you choose to use another contractor, we urge you to steer clear of contractors advertising rock bottom prices. You're essentially throwing your money away by purchasing an inferior product that won't provide the same value that we offer. Many people who purchase the dime sale type doors find they need to replace the door just a few years later.

We ensure a quality product to our customers without the inflated prices that come with a commissioned sales representative. That's why our business model does NOT include a sales force. Dan, the owner is your direct contact which allows us to keep our prices affordable.

Q: Can I customize my window color and style?

A: Absolutely yes. We offer a good selection of colors and handle styles. Satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, intense brass, and antique brass.

Q: How long do your patio doors last?

A: We offer a lifetime warranty. Our doors will perform the same in year 10 as in year 1. We offer the best warranty in the business.

Q: Do you have professional installers?

A: Our in-house installers are the best in the business. No outsourcing here. We want to make sure the installation is performed up to the highest standard as our reputation is on the line. We can't afford to have sub par installations as it would backfire and hurt our reputation and ultimately our business. Our master installers are the best.

Q: Will I still get prompt customer service after I make the purchase?

A: You'll have access to us on two levels. First, the installer will answer all of your questions and address any concerns along the way. Second, you'll always have direct access to Dan, the owner. Never hesitate to send an email of call direct to get an answer to any questions you might have. Even the smallest details are of great interest to us because our goal is to serve you, earn your trust, and hopefully a referral at some point in the future.

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