A Quick Comparison Guide on Fiberglass, Wood, and Vinyl windows

Shopping for new replacement windows can be a daunting task. So many choices and weeding through what's true and what's not. It's a time consuming and frustrating task. Yet, it's so important for the life of your home and your energy costs.

We've put together an informative guide to help you understand the differences between each type of window and what you can expect in terms of the benefits or dis-advantages.

Wood Windows:

Wood windows look amazing but that's about it. They are a pain to maintain and need to be re-painted often. You have to consider that wood can rot, become porous, and is susceptible to warping. As wood windows age they can become more and more difficult to operate.

On top of all that, wood windows are costly. In most cases much more expensive than vinyl windows.

Fiberglass Windows:

Fiberglass is durable and strong. They look great. But the longevity of fiberglass windows is determined by how well they are manufactured and if they are installed correctly.

One big issue with fiberglass is that it can NOT be fusion welded. They are put together with screws, making them highly susceptible to loosening over time. When the window seams become loose, energy efficiency drops dramatically.

Again, like wood windows, you'll need to re-paint fiberglass windows over time to keep them looking new.

Low Quality Vinyl Windows:

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Many window companies are offering bottom of the barrel pricing on vinyl windows. Low pricing means low quality. While they are technically vinyl, it can be confusing to a homeowner.

These low quality vinyl windows have a tendency to look like plastic which isn't ideal because you want your home to look good, not cheap. Don't get us started on the poor energy performance which will end up costing you any money you might have saved with the rock bottom purchase price. Low quality vinyl is subject to fading as well.

While these windows are easy on the budget, they are not a wise investment into your home.

Premium Vinyl Windows:

Premium vinyl windows are the best investment you can make into your homes curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Why are they the perfect choice?

Last a LONG time, durable
Impervious to rotting
Maintenance free
Energy efficient
Highly customizable
Best value

You get the best of everything with high quality vinyl windows which is the only window we sell.

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