Frequently Asked Questions about our Windows

Most Asked Questions. Our Honest Answers.

Who will be my contact person before, during, and after my purchase?

Dan, the owner, will be your contact. You'll also have contact with your installer after you make a decision to go with us. We're here every step of the way and you get straight answers and great service.

How can you give me a real price without coming to my home?

As we mentioned before, our goal is to make this easy for you. The only reason other window companies come to your home is to sell you more product than you need. We understand that you don't want to haggle with an in home sales person which is why we give you your quote in minutes without having to come to your home. We can gather the information we need from you in just a few minutes.

Will the price change after the initial quote? 

No. Never. We 100% honor our initial price estimate. (in extreme circumstances where there is some type of structural damage we would have to adjust). But for 99% of situations, we honor our quote.

Do you have financing options?

Yes. We have some very attractive flexible financing options for any size budget.

Do you install during the winter?

Yes. We work around the weather and make the installation convenient for your schedule. Cold weather installation is not a problem.

How do you keep your window prices so reasonable?

We don't employ a sales team which allows us to keep our prices affordable. Essentially, we cut out the middleman in the process. And we don't have a physical showroom to maintain and pay for overhead. We're under the impression that most homeowners just want to put their money towards a quality window rather than high overhead costs.

What about your warranty?

Every window and door is covered by our lifetime transferable warranty.

How do your windows compare to your competitors?

It would make no sense to warranty a cheap window for life because we would constantly be spending money in exuberant repair costs or replacing windows all the time. So, yes, our windows are top grade and all of our product lines are rated by Energy Star for maximum efficiency.

How will I see the product if you don’t come to my house?

You can see our windows by clicking here. You'll also get to see samples in person when our installer comes to measure your window openings.

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