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Benefits of Bay Windows

Determining if Bay Window Installation is Right For Your Cleveland Home

Also known as projection windows primarily because they project outwards from the inside of the home, bay windows are famously equated with old-fashioned homes. However, they come in so many adjustable forms that they  are fast becoming the pick of the bunch even for ultra-modern homes. Thinking of investing in replacement Windows? EZ Window Solutions are window replacement specialists of Cleveland who are committed to delivering a painless buying process and strive to provide an experience that allows you to research all of the options you want without the high pressure sales process. In this article, we seek to advocate bay windows for our clients regardless of your home type. Read on

Advantages of Bay Window Installation

Of all the window types in a home, one of the most popular continues to be the bay window. Whether you are looking at installing a new bay window in your Cleveland home or debating replacing your Cleveland bay window, check out some of the guidelines below from EZ Window Solutions on bay windows.

Add More Natural Light

Bay Windows are designed in a way that practically allows the sun into your abode. Because of how angled bay windows are in their design, they are more suited in letting in sunlight from a variety of directions making them more effective than your run-of-the-mill flat Windows. Considering how beneficial natural light is in not only saving energy but also increasing comfort and productivity, bay windows are always the better option. Windows are one of the many ways to bring more natural light into a space, and they are often the first option that homeowners look for when it comes to brightening a room.

Proper Ventilation

Bay windows feature a cluster of two or more windows, and this gives the luxury of enjoying pure, fresh air from a lot more directions than one, and so are the preferred choice for most homeowners.

Create a Comfortable Space

Whilst some people go in for bay Windows primarily because of their aesthetics, others, in addition to these aesthetics prefer them for their use. Bay Windows offer You the opportunity to do so many things with the space they provide inside. On your spare time, and with a good book along with a warm cup of coffee, you can just set a blanket beneath the window and curl up under a blanket. You can also, if you like set up a sofa or seat just beside your bay window which provides the perfect avenue and view to the outside world anytime You want to think out loud.

Versatile Windows

As has been noted earlier, regardless of whether you live in a home with a more traditional outlook or a modern one, bay windows are an awesome addition. What makes them best suited for either type of homes is their versatility. Whether in the living room, kitchen or even the bedroom, there are no shortage of options when it comes to where to have them installed.

Emphasize Excellent Views with a Cleveland Bay Window

Made of a large central picture window flanked either side by two smaller operable windows, a bay window does a great job by helping create an immaculate connection between your outdoor space and living space. Bay windows accentuate the beauty of your home especially if it looks out on a very beautiful landscape by making it more noticeable.

Thinking of a local window company from which to have a bay window installed or your old window replaced? Look no further than EZ Window Solutions. Not only do we make window replacement easy for you, we are affordably priced and sell top rated Energy Star windows with the “Most Efficient” certification. Simply send us your project information and we’ll get you a quote the same day. Visit to get in touch.


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